Magnus Örn Gunnarsson
Feer Future Fest Director
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NASHVILLE, TN — Twitch streamers Bastiat and Vaush will meet for the first in-person debate at Students For Liberty’s annual student event, Freer Future Fest. Bastiat and Vaush will debate on the topic of Thinking about both negative and positive liberty; which political philosophy maximizes individual liberty: liberalism or socialism? The debate will take place on October 9, 2021, at First Horizon Park in Nashville, TN.

Bastiat is an American attorney who practices corporate law in the energy industry. He argues for individual liberty, free markets, free trade, free movement, and active American engagement with a globalized world. Bastiat streams to 17.6K followers on Twitch. 

Vaush is a YouTuber known for his advocacy for libertarian socialism, an ideology committed to maximizing the liberty of every individual through the promotion of democracy and autonomy. Vaush streams to 74.2K followers on Twitch.

Vaush and Bastiat have previously debated on capitalism vs. socialism live on Twitch. 

The debate will be streamed live on Students For Liberty’s YouTube channel on October 9, 2021. 

Freer Future Fest is open to the public and members of the press can register to attend for free. If you would like to cover the event or Bastiat vs. Vaush debate panel, please contact Students For Liberty’s PR Manager Julia Kril at [email protected] or by phone at +39 331 146 98 36. 

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