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NASHVILLE, TN Gloria Alvarez will speak about women in the liberty movement this October in Nashville, TS. Alvarez will speak at the Freer Future Fest, an international student festival hosted by Students For Liberty on October 9, 2021, at the First Horizon Park in Nashville, TS. 

Gloria Alvarez is a Guatemalan political commentator and a media personality who has appeared over 3000 times at conferences, on radio, TV, and social media. Alvarez’s speeches denouncing populist regimes went viral on YouTube, reaching more than 20 million views in three days in 2014. Gloria joined the Guatemalan presidential race in March 2019.

“If we start telling young people that they are valuable because they are individuals and they have three rights: to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and private property, then the clash between different socialist and conservative groups would actually dissolve. In my job, what I try to do on the radio, in the books, and at conferences is to explain the populist deceit in Latin America and in the world; this is what we need to do at the Freer Future Fest in Nashville,” says Alvarez. 

Alvarez is an author of an international bestseller book, The Populist Deception: Why Our Countries are Ruined and How to Rescue Them. 

Press Accreditation:

Freer Future Fest is open to the public, and members of the media can register for free. If you would like to cover the event, or Alvarez’s session, please reach out to SFL’s Public Relations Manager Julia Kril, at [email protected]

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