Students For Liberty will host Freer Future Fest in Nashville, TN, on October 9, 2021, to discuss the philosophy of liberty and its impact on politics, business, and society.

Nashville, TN, October 2, 2021, — Students For Liberty will host an annual pro-liberty festival, Freer Future Fest on October 9, 2021, in Nashville, TN. 

The event will bring together global human rights activists, policymakers, industry CEOs,  international media, and promising students from across North America to host an open discussion about liberty across the ideological spectrum.

Freer Future Fest’s speaker lineup features prominent activists in the global liberty movement with names including the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Presidential Nominee Jo Jorgensen,  Guatemalan 2019 Presidential Candidate Gloria Alvarez, Chinese human rights activist and artist Ai Weiwei, Iraqi-American human rights activist Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Fiverr Millionaire Alex Fasulo, famous Twitch streamers Bastiat, Vaush, and Destiny, and Director of Growth Marketing at Kraken Dan Held.

“We can show the beauty of our ideas by writing articles in campus newspapers that argue why free expression matters. We can show it by talking respectfully to people who disagree with us and by organizing events and inviting folks from opposing viewpoints to be a part of them. In the light of rising populism, socialism, and nationalism, we need to get out there and show that our ideals of peace, love, and liberty are the antithesis of hate, fear, and big government. This is what we will be celebrating at Freer Future Fest,” says Dr. Wolf von Laer, Students For Liberty’s CEO.

The Freer Future Fest is hosted by Students For Liberty, the world’s biggest international pro-liberty student organization that has grown from 1,600 to 600,000 event attendees in less than ten years. Formerly hosted in Washington D.C. as LibertyCon, the event attracted 1,200+ attendees each year from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

This year, Freer Future Fest partners with the Reason Foundation, Institute for Justice, Freedom Fest, The Cato Institute, FIRE, and many more. All will land in Nashville on October 9, 2021, to meet students passionate about the ideas of a free society under the banner #TogetherInLiberty.

Freer Future Fest is open to the public, and accredited media can register to attend for free. To register for a press pass, contact Students For Liberty’s PR Manager Julia Kril at [email protected]


About Freer Future Fest: 

Freer Future Fest is an annual student festival hosted by Students For Liberty. It is a festival experience engineered to educate, energize, and inspire liberty-minded students, activists, and influencers across North America around a vision of a freer future.

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