Jess Mears is a policy activist, public speaker, and political trainer. She has served in key leadership roles in the Libertarian Party’s most successful presidential campaigns working for Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld (2016) and Dr. Jo Jorgensen’s as deputy campaign manager (2020).

She has been a grassroots activist since the late 2000s. Volunteering on dozens of campaigns at the state and local levels led to working for the National Libertarian Party in leadership fundraising and membership rolls.

Mears understands how local governments operate with direct experience working for the fastest growing communities in America. She was the clerk of the boards for Lakewood Ranch after completing special projects for The Villages.

Mears is alum of the University of Cincinnati, where she received a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with two rescued dogs. Her interests are folk music, space, space music, space folk music, and space folk, and mainly, connecting with social entrepreneurs just like you.